October 03, 2010


I almost forgot I promissed to blog the Abrazo FO, so here it is. It was fun to knit, I like adding beads to my knitting, it holds back a little but I like the result. 

Now... I have this Featherweight Cardigan on my needles. I call it 'What's the fuzz Cardi', because really... what IS the fuzz about this pattern.  I've read SO much about it on Ravelry and of course I was stupid enough to buy the pattern. I kicked myself a few times already. I'd frog it and throw the pattern  in the bin, but I used some wonderful Wollmeise and that's the reason that keeps me from frogging. The pattern is very easy, but you have to figure out yourself if the back is going to be too wide, if the fronts are going to be too narrow, the sleeves are going to be too big, too long, not long enough, if you're going to do a closure, a rolling border,.... and so on. So... hence the blog title: BLEH!  I have to knit another sleeve and then pick up stitches for the collar/border, pfff. 
The colours are beautiful together though, so I will keep knitting. And of course I'll come and show the finished What's The Fuzz Cardi. ;-)