October 03, 2010


I almost forgot I promissed to blog the Abrazo FO, so here it is. It was fun to knit, I like adding beads to my knitting, it holds back a little but I like the result. 

Now... I have this Featherweight Cardigan on my needles. I call it 'What's the fuzz Cardi', because really... what IS the fuzz about this pattern.  I've read SO much about it on Ravelry and of course I was stupid enough to buy the pattern. I kicked myself a few times already. I'd frog it and throw the pattern  in the bin, but I used some wonderful Wollmeise and that's the reason that keeps me from frogging. The pattern is very easy, but you have to figure out yourself if the back is going to be too wide, if the fronts are going to be too narrow, the sleeves are going to be too big, too long, not long enough, if you're going to do a closure, a rolling border,.... and so on. So... hence the blog title: BLEH!  I have to knit another sleeve and then pick up stitches for the collar/border, pfff. 
The colours are beautiful together though, so I will keep knitting. And of course I'll come and show the finished What's The Fuzz Cardi. ;-)


September 04, 2010

Pixie Dust

I have another shawlett on the blocking pads.  It's Abrazo by Susanna IC. I used HolstGarn Supersoft in a lovely blue called 'Iced'. I'll come and show it when I'm back from our trip to Disneyland Paris. Whoot! We're staying a week at Disneyland Hotel, double whoot!

See you next week!

September 01, 2010

Pretty in Pink.

Pattern: Annis
Yarn: Wollmeise Twin Unglücksrabe, probably Tutu.

August 29, 2010

Very Pink Annis and Pogona TaDaaahhh.

I don't know why I'm knitting this again, but I just have to. I'm using a VERY pink yarn. Wollmeise Tutu, it's a bright ballerina,- hence the name-, pink. I was going to use it in a Fair Isle project, with a lot of other colours, but I thought Miss Pollymoggle could use a pink shawl to cover her shoulders when she's wearing her pretty hot pink summer dress.

And, as promissed the Pogona Tadahhhh.  I'm very pleased with the outcome of this pattern, it's different of what I'm used to, very easy, quick, a little bit boring, but if you are knitting in public, in your chitterchatter knitting group or in front of the TV, this is the perfect project. AND it's pretty.


August 27, 2010

Today's soup is Pogona.

It's the first time -that I'm aware of- that I'm knitting a pattern that was designed by a male knitter.  Stephen West designed some cool stuff to knit, for people who don't like lace knits, or... like me... who do like lace knits but want something mindless now and then.  I chose Pogona, because of the nice drape. It's easy. Pretty. Quick. But oh so boring to do. But that's just me, of course. The yarn I'm using is Wollmeise Twin called Gazpacho. I think a multicoloured yarn is perfect for this pattern, the change of colour shows the shape of the shawlette perfectly.

The thing is eating yarn though, I have at least another 14 rows (520+ stitches) to go and there's already 112 grams gone. Of course I'll come back to show off the 'Tadddaahh', but in the meanwhile; a preview:


August 25, 2010

Happy Day!

Today my mailbox was filled with some wonderful Wollmeise from a friend who bought it for me at the 'Vogelhochzeit' which is a summer sale at the Wollmeise brick and mortar store in Pfaffenhofen. Can one be in love with this lucious yarn?

Now.... what to knit next?

More details in my Flickr.

August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Miss Pollymoggle.

I've finished the Annis shawlette, a little extra birthday present for my daughter.  I used Miyuki beads 6.0 instead of nupps. I think I will knit this again but change the ugly ssks and k2togs for short rows, in Cat Bordhi's invisible W&Ts. 



August 14, 2010


Step 1: 
Stalk the web and hunt for one of these:

Step 2
Turn it into this:

Step 3
Just start knitting

Uluru Annis WIP

And eventually it will turn into this.

See how easy... only 3 steps to go. What are you waiting for?  GO!

August 13, 2010

Beautiful Haruni.

All done and pretty.  So fun to knit, the pattern is very well written, after every right side row there's a stitch count, which I did most of the time.  That felt 'safe' knitting the next rows.  The yarn.... oh the yarn, I used Wolmeise Twin and it's heaven.  Little suspence because I had only one skein in this colour and the rows kept growing with every row eating more yarn.  But it's all good, I made it, in fact there's a whopping 9 grams left.

 Model: Young Miss Pollymoggle.

August 10, 2010

Fresh on the needles.

Haruni by Emily Ross is a free Ravelry download.  I'm knitting it with Wollmeise Twin in a wonderful Haloweenpumpkinorange-ish colour. The pattern is easy to follow, but not completely mindless.  I see a lot of knitters do the body in plain stockinette, which is also very pretty, but too boring to do for my taste.

Oh, and I've finished the Centrique.  I did the larger size, but it's still a 'shawlette'. The model is young Miss. PollyMoggle, my beautiful daughter. :-)


August 06, 2010

The power of the blocking wires.

This Centrique was knitted with Semi-Precious by Babylonglegs which is the most soft yarn I ever had in my hands, and believe me, over the years I've touched a LOT of different kind of yarn. 

Unblocked, this shawlette looks like a little pile of sadness.

Coming alive on the blocking wires:

And... TADAAAAAAAh, blocked! 

See how precious?  I'm happy!

August 05, 2010


I'm knitting this Centrique shawl for the second time.  It's an easy 'sit down and have a cuppa or watch TV'-pattern, by Carol Feller.  I love brainless patterns.

This time I'm using HolstGarn Supersoft.  The 'supersoft' part is a joke, but I'm counting on the 'soak-block-and wait' part to turn the joke into a ahhhhsoft-smile.  It's a lovely green colourway called Calypso.

Centrique WIP

August 04, 2010

Yarn Porn.

What a great way to start a brandnew blog... with the arrival of a skein of Wollmeise 100% Merino -with the help of a lovely Ravelrina- in a wonderful orange colourway named Kürbis.