August 27, 2010

Today's soup is Pogona.

It's the first time -that I'm aware of- that I'm knitting a pattern that was designed by a male knitter.  Stephen West designed some cool stuff to knit, for people who don't like lace knits, or... like me... who do like lace knits but want something mindless now and then.  I chose Pogona, because of the nice drape. It's easy. Pretty. Quick. But oh so boring to do. But that's just me, of course. The yarn I'm using is Wollmeise Twin called Gazpacho. I think a multicoloured yarn is perfect for this pattern, the change of colour shows the shape of the shawlette perfectly.

The thing is eating yarn though, I have at least another 14 rows (520+ stitches) to go and there's already 112 grams gone. Of course I'll come back to show off the 'Tadddaahh', but in the meanwhile; a preview:



  1. I hadn't heard of Stephen West before so thanks for the heads up. He has some really good designs.

    I think you are right about the yarn, it really does show off the pattern perfectly.

  2. You knit so a machine ;)
    And the yarns you use are so lovely.
    nope..not got the tablecloth sewn yet..bad,bad me :o)