August 29, 2010

Very Pink Annis and Pogona TaDaaahhh.

I don't know why I'm knitting this again, but I just have to. I'm using a VERY pink yarn. Wollmeise Tutu, it's a bright ballerina,- hence the name-, pink. I was going to use it in a Fair Isle project, with a lot of other colours, but I thought Miss Pollymoggle could use a pink shawl to cover her shoulders when she's wearing her pretty hot pink summer dress.

And, as promissed the Pogona Tadahhhh.  I'm very pleased with the outcome of this pattern, it's different of what I'm used to, very easy, quick, a little bit boring, but if you are knitting in public, in your chitterchatter knitting group or in front of the TV, this is the perfect project. AND it's pretty.


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